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In addition to standard vehicles we also develop customised walking floor trailers specific to your requirements.

All retailers of Knapen trailers meet the criteria of the so-called 'One-Stop-Shop-Model'. This applies to purchased walking floor trailers as well as to rented ones. National and international freight companies recognise Wiese as a competent and versatile partner that is equipped with a state of the art workshop, extensive service offerings as well as highly skilled workers with invaluable experience in the area of walking floors. Wiese is a full service provider: We also stock spare parts and offer repairs.

Knapen moving floor on Clixtar trailer

Knapen Trailers has now produced a lorry with the so-called Clixtar system. The name Clixtar is explained by the System: the trailer is clicked into place. The major benefit of this Clixtar system is its loading capacity. The fusion of the Knapen Trailers moving-floor trailer design and the Clixtar trailer has produced a lorry with a permitted tare weight of 40 tonnes. The higher permissible weight means that the net loading capacity is considerably higher and therefore more attractive.




Vehicle Variants

Knapen walking floor trailer 52 m³

Knapen walking floor trailer 52 m³ for our customer Lohnunternehmen Kanjahn. Used for the maize harvest in 2015, drawn from Fendt tractors with 1-Axis-Dolly.

Technical specifications:

  • Knapen, version K200
  • Length approx. 9.600 mm
  • empty weight approx.: 6000 kg
  • volume approx. 52 m³
  • SAF Offroad axes
  • Liftaxis Floor in 6 mm version
  • Cleansweep, (autom. recirculation of the partition),
  • grain slider
Self-sufficient and Cost-effective Washing Device for Your Walking Floor

We offer to additionally install a self-sufficient and cost-effective high pressure washing device for all walking floors. This appliance is made in Germany and works with an internal combustion engine. It is fitted with a 2x350 litre tank and 200 bar water pressure. The device fits into stainless steel storage boxes which makes it easy to use and store. This will reduce costs and an unnecessary overuse of the hydraulics. Please contact us for references.

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Knapen K200 walking-floor semitrailer
  • Aluminium chassis with a load volume of approx. 91.6 m³
  • Daimler Chrysler axles
  • Lifting axle
  • Aluminium wheel rims
  • and hydraulic quick coupling

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