"Like a bunch of colourful flowers"

Petershagen-Meßlingen (jk). 25 automotive experts from all over Germany took part in a workshop on commercial vehicle assessments conducted by Alexander Wiese. The 52-year-old has been working as an independent vehicle assessor for 20 years now and... more

When customers become friends

Birkenau/Petershagen (jk). It had long been a plan of Peter Kellner to become self-employed in the agricultural sector after finishing his training as an agricultural economist. On the 1st of April 1997 Peter and his cousin Stefan Kellner founded a... more

"One hundred percent satisfied"

Petershagen-Meßlingen (jk). The Loading and Transport Association Wetterau West (LTG Wetterau West) is a collective of around 160 farmers in the city of Karben, 200km outside of Frankfurt am Main in the south of Germany. This civil law company before the... more

Wiese going underground

Herfa/Neurode (jk). The disposal plant Herfa-Neurode in Hessen, in the heart of Germany, is the biggest underground disposal site for hazardous waste worldwide. Contaminated waste materials that have to be permanently excluded from the biosphere are... more